5 Cool ways of wearing your workout leggings outside the gym

Workout leggings are no more restricted within the walls of a gym, rather, wearing workout leggings with or without workout has been a fast expanding trend, both among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The fashion world has been transforming thoroughly & as a consequence we are able to spot many of the street style pieces on

How to train your robots & ride them too!

2018 is being hailed as the year dedicated to robots! It’s too early to get judgmental about it and proclaim this trend as blessing or evil, but, it’s not a bad idea to get used to the different aspects of robotics & artificial intelligence. Here is a disclaimer: In this article, what I mean by

Pondicherry: A Gastronomical Gala OR A Soul-Searching Sojourn?

Popularly regarded as the “French Riviera of India”, Pondicherry is a short drive from Bangalore (where I stay). So, visiting Pondicherry is no big deal for me. In spite of being such an accessible place, it took me a while to decide to go to Pondicherry, for reasons not accounted for (may be “nearer” often

Wear Red this Holiday Season!

Unleash the power of Red this weekend! Are you all prepped for the holidays? Its Christmas girls and you need to gear up! Usually, we associate Christmas with red (Read “Red” gear of Santa Claus, Red sleigh, Red nosed reindeer!), but, this year there is another reason for wearing red: Red can be called the

The Singapore Trip Check-List & Chuck-List

The Singapore trip will always be memorable for me for the reason that it was my first international trip with my husband. Singapore is very close to Bangalore, India where I stay and going to Singapore is the easiest thing to do. That is why we settled on Singapore as our tripping destination right after

Virushka Wedding: A Fairytale Wedding & it’s Aftermath

Fairytales are always appealing (even to adults) and when fairytales happen in reality right in front of our eyes, our faith in our dreams get re-instated….Our very favorite couple Virushka: the King of Cricket Virat and the sweetheart of Bollywood Anushka happened to create just enough magic so that we felt a burst of happiness

An ancient secret beauty recipe for glowing skin

Glowing skin is what all of us dream of and crave for, be it men or women. How much we gape at our favorite movie stars, admiring their glowing skin that weakens our hearts and moistens our eyes….only if we could have THAT secret recipe to enhance the quality of ours and look like a

What are you planning to wear for Christmas this year?

It’s December and Christmas is just a few weeks away! Winter fashion is the buzz word and what will be the ideal outfit for Christmas must be the thoughts that are crowding your mind right now. The challenge that winter fashion presents is: How to look cool “undercover”? The cold season demands to be respected

Winter skin care for all dry & oily skin types

How to take care of your skin in the coming winter months? Winter has announced it’s arrival and that’s written all over nature surrounding you: the soft sunshine that bounces off your skin, the cold breeze that compels you to pull a light jacket, the drying leaves and a slight pull in your skin. All
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